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Orange Owl is a proudly South African
Company currently operating in South
Africa, Namibia and Australia dealing
with 350+ dealers.

Spearheading technological automotive solutions

With a collective experience of over 80+ years in the automotive market, Orange Owl continually strives to bring new & innovative first-to-market products to assist dealers in their back-end profitability in the current market. As competitors enter the market, we strive to adapt and ensure our offerings are always superior.

Orange Owl was developed with a motive to introduce pioneering products to the South African automotive industry, aiming to amplify dealer retention and concurrently provide consumers with high-quality offerings to their vehicles.

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We support the motor industry with unique & environmental friendly & innovative products

Crystal Fusion™: Ceramic Coating

Protecting Your Vehicle From UV Damage/Oxidation.

Crystal Fusion™ Premium Ceramic Coating has been engineered to protect painted surfaces of a vehicle against contaminants and prohibit them from attaching to the surface by means of a super hydro-phobic barrier. It helps the painted surfaces of the vehicle stay cleaner for a longer period. Dirt, Grime, Insects, and Acid Rain have a hard time sticking to the treated surface.

The Super Hydro-Phobic effect will cause water to micro-bead and quickly roll off with any dirt and grime, whilst it also enhances the gloss depth of the painted surfaces that is often referred to as the “Wet Look”.

This extremely durable protection extends further in helping to resist minor scuffs and abrasions that may typically occur under normal vehicle use.

Crystal Fusion™: Superior Waterless Car Wash

Waterless product that liquefies the dirt off your vehicle-saving water.

The Crystal Fusion™ Superior Waterless Car Wash is a product that contains a special mixture of chemicals that breakdown and liquefy vehicle surface dirt on contact.

It’s all in the name, The Crystal Fusion™ Superior Waterless Car Wash does not require a bucket of soapy water, nor does it require you to waste 100’s of litres of clean, drinkable water.

The traditional “soap and water” method is very wasteful, it damages the environment and has long term negative impacts on your vehicle’s paint.

Crystal Fusion™: Windscreen Coating

Added protection for your windscreen.

Crystal Fusion™ adds an enhanced layer to your windscreen to enhance visibility on the road. It is an elite windscreen application that molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier.

Crystal Fusion™: Graphene Coating

What makes The Crystal Fusion™ Graphene Coating different?

Formulated to provide a layer of protection on its own, or as an enhanced booster of existing protection. Extreme gloss, super hydrophobic formulation that chemically bonds with the car’s paint and creates a new layer of protection forming a semi-permanent shield with the paint. Easy to use spray and wipe product.

STREAK FREE, INCREDIBLE GLOSS, & SAFE FOR ANY SURFACE! Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Graphene coating is guaranteed to outshine the competition providing high gloss, deep shine, & extending the life of your car wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coating for cars! Best of all, it’s safe on all surfaces!

Graphene is a game-changing, carbon-based molecule that can effectively bind to and fortify surfaces when functionalized through a graphene dispersion. Due to its molecular structure, it will demonstrate an improved contact angle, UV resistance and a reduction in water spotting.